Auxiliary Brakes Report for Heavy Vehicles Highlights Improvements

stop signState and Federal road authorities recently commissioned Austroads to compile a report on auxiliary brakes for heavy vehicles in Australia.

It was commissioned due to the high number of noise complaints from communities about engine braking, as well as several instances of runaway trucks on steep graded roads.

The auxiliary brake technologies examined for this report included engine brakes, hydraulic and magnetic retarders and exhaust brakes.

Analysis of these systems was done through field testing of various heavy vehicles, as well as having collected detailed answers to surveys completed by vehicle manufacturers, local governments and road transport operators.

The findings of the report suggested that there is a lack of driving training on the correct use of auxiliary brakes and that a training framework be established to address that. It also found that where truck braking noise is an issue in a community, that noise cameras and sound barriers be implemented where they are most needed.

To download the full report on auxiliary brakes, please visit the Austroads website.

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