WA Roads Get $2.4b Commitment From Abbott Government

outback wa road

Two major WA highways are on the receiving end of a $2.4b cash injection from the Abbott Government earmarked for WA roads. The Great Northern Highway will receive $308 million and the North West Costal Highway gets $174 million. Both Highways are currently well known for the wrong reasons – […] Read more »

Holden To Stop Manufacturing Cars In Australia by 2017

eh holden

Iconic car manufacturer Holden is set to close its doors in Australia due to rising costs, a small market and a rising dollar. A Cultural Icon While Australians are concerned about job losses this will cause, it seems that the loss of a cultural icon will be felt greater. In […] Read more »

Truck Manufacturers Tackle Fuel Efficiency

Truck manufacturers unite globally

At a recent meeting of the world’s major commercial vehicle and engine manufacturers in late 2013, it was agreed that a unified global approach to development is necessary going forward. Further reducing greenhouse emissions, improving fuel efficiency and becoming more energy efficient were agreed upon as being the global focus […] Read more »

All Electric Trucks Have Arrived In Australia

tnt truck by smith electric vehicle

Even though the initial cost of an all electric truck is considerably higher than an equivalent diesel powered truck, the ongoing running and maintenance costs are considerably lower. This combined with very favourable environmentally friendly factors make the latest fully electric trucks worth considering. Read more »

Navman My Truck – GPS Navigation Device

navman my truck gps device

Here's truck GPS navigation device that looks like it could be very useful for truck drivers on Perth and regional WA roads. We aren't affiliated with Navman in any way, we just think the features for trucks are excellent. Read more »

See Video of a Hamster Driving a Truck!

hamster drives truck

What can you say? This is a must see if you are remotely interested in trucks, driving, small animals or anything unusual! Take a moment to watch a teeny hamster attempting to drive a large dump truck out of a deep quarry. The little critter has to navigate some very steep dirt tracks as well as some personal physical restraints :) Check it out... Read more »

Custom BizPlates now in Western Australia

wa bizplate examples

If you are a business owner in Perth or anywhere in WA, you may be interested to know that custom BizPlates are now available from the Department of Transport. There are a few different configurations you can do so take a look and see if it can help your company. Read more »

Doggie Food Trucks Making a Profit

black retriever for doggie food truck story

A new four legged trend has emerged in the US... doggie food trucks. One owner has even begun a franchise. Vintage Road Haulage has no intentions of entering the market but it's an interesting idea that we imagine will arrive in Australia soon (if it's not here already). Read more »

Longest Road Train in Australia?

longest road train in australia

Check out this video showing the longest road train in Australia and perhaps the world. This record was set in Queensland in 2006. Has it since been broken? Have a look and let us know. Read more »

Perth Truck and Trailer Show 2013

Perth Truck and Trailer Show 2013

This is an excellent event if you want to keep up to date with the latest trucks, trailers, equipment and accessories on offer by the major companies. The Latest Trucks and Gear on Display in Perth When: Friday 26 July – 10am to 6pm Saturday 27 July – 10am to […] Read more »