Toyota & Terrafugia – Flying Cars – True Story

terrafugia flying car

Henry Ford built the first flying car called the Flivver in the 1920’s, but stopped the project when a test pilot was killed. Today however, there are two companies who are getting closer to developing flying cars suitable for commercial production – Toyota and Terrafugia. Source: Terrafugia Toyota While major […] Read more »

Swiss Trucks Travel Up Mountain On Ropeway!

atlas copco linthal project

Swiss ingenuity has seen Swiss trucks travel up a mountain on a ropeway in one of the world’s most amazing current power projects. Source Atlas Copco Underground facebook page The Linthal 2015 project involves building a 2.35 billion dollar underground pumped water storage power plant. When completed it will be […] Read more »

Volvo Testing Electric Roads For Buses

volvo testing electric roads

Electric buses will no longer need to be stationary to be recharged when Volvo designs and build electric roads to charge the battery of  buses as they drive over it! We are all familiar with hybrid cars and buses which are now playing a part in today’s environmentally conscious transport […] Read more »

Perth Light Rail Project In Spotlight Again

light rail

Perth looks set to get its delayed light rail project pushed forward according to new Transport Minister Dean Nalder. Mr Nadler says that he is investigating splitting the project into two parts to make it more manageable and financially achievable. He would do this by focusing on completing the north-south […] Read more »

1934 AEC Road Train – Australia’s First Road Train

AEC government road train on first trip to Alice Springs in 1934

Australia’s first road train is going to be on display in Melbourne at the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show this year. It’s usually on display at the Alice Springs Transport Museum. Image source: National Road Transport Hall of Fame website Built in 1934 during a depressed economy still recovering […] Read more »

Will Port Hedland & Karratha Become Pilbara Cities?

port hedland in the pilbara

Pilbara Cities, the brainchild of former WA Nationals leader Brendon Grylls, is home to the growing mining towns of Port Hedland and Karratha. The Australian government’s goal is to make these two mining towns into successful and viable cities by 2035, but will they achieve this? While the populations of […] Read more »

Possible Major Water Reservoir Deep In The Earth

underwater cave

Ringwoodite Scientists have discovered that a small 3mm brown diamond found in Brazil actually contains ringwoodite, which is a mineral originally from the transition zone near the Earth’s mantle. This transition zone is located between 410 and 660km below the Earth’s surface. But what makes this particular mineral so special […] Read more »

How To Help Australian Farmers In The Drought

buy a bale for drought stricken farmers in australia

Hardship As drought conditions maintain their regular occurrence in Australia, so does hardship continue to play a major role in the lives of many farmers and their families. But there is a new program that is trying to help make life easier for those struggling in these dry conditions. Buy […] Read more »

Perth To Get More London Taxis On Our Roads

london taxi perth

Perth is set to have a total of 100 beautiful white London Taxis gracing our roads by April this year. Imported from China, the Geely Group vehicles arrived at Fremantle Wharf in September last year. Getting all these cabs onto the metropolitan streets of Perth has taken longer than expected […] Read more »

Kalgoorlie-Boulder to Hold Vintage Car Rally 2014

vintage car rally kalgoorlie 2014

If you are a vintage car enthusiast or vintage car rally fan, then mark Sunday 19th to Friday 24th October on your calendar. It’s the date of the 2014 National Veteran Rally and this year it is traveling to Kalgoorlie Boulder in West Australia. With more than 100 vintage cars […] Read more »