Eyes On The Road (Not Your Mobile Phone!)

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Everyone knows that when driving you need to keep your eyes on the road, but not everyone does. A Powerful Message Take a moment to see this very clever video by Volkswagen (less than 90 seconds). Distractions When Driving Distractions such as mobile phones, eating or drinking or changing the […] Read more »

Fatigue Management Device For Truck Drivers

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Trimble Transport and Logistics has developed a device that when fixed inside a vehicle, will help truck companies and truck drivers comply with the heavy vehicle fatigue management laws. It is fixed up on the dashboard area in the cab and will tell drivers when they need to take a […] Read more »

Reduce Debris on WA Roads with Safe Load Restraints

overloaded car

Every driver in WA is responsible for ensuring that their load is secure and that they use an appropriate vehicle and restraint equipment suitable for the load they are carrying. This is to prevent accidents, damage and fatalities caused by falling debris from unsecured loads. Incident Response Service Each year […] Read more »

P-Plate Drivers Thirty Times More Likely To Crash

p-plate drivers

Probationary drivers are new drivers, so it makes sense that they are more likely to crash. In fact once a P-plate driver takes their first solo drive, they are now 30 times more likely to crash and 3 times more likely to be injured or killed than very experienced drivers. […] Read more »