What are the Roundabout Rules in WA?

by Perth Truck Company – Vintage Road Haulage

Roundabouts are a little confusing so we hope this creates more awareness

Firstly, a roundabout is a type of intersection where traffic flows around a circular junction, though in some parts of the world the roundabout could be oval shaped to include more intersection entry and exit points.

The roundabout is used to help regulate intersection traffic and slow the speed of approaching traffic, with the aim to reduce crashes and injuries.

Rules of Roundabouts

Each country and sometimes each state, has its own rules for using roundabouts. The following roundabout rules are for Western Australia.

The general rules applicable to all vehicles using a roundabout are that you must:

  • always keep left of the central island
  • always travel in a clockwise direction
  • give way to all vehicles who are already travelling within the roundabout
  • follow the direction of any painted lines on the road of the lane you are in

When turning left at a roundabout you must:

  • approach from the left lane
  • indicate that you are turning left before you reach the roundabout
  • stay in the left lane
  • exit in the left lane

When turning right or making a U turn at a roundabout you must:

  • approach from the right lane
  • indicate that you are turning right before you reach the roundabout
  • stay in the right lane
  • when you have past the last exit, before the one you want to get out at, indicate you are going to turn left

When driving straight through a roundabout you must:

  • use the left or right lane and stay in that same lane, unless road markings or signs tell you otherwise
  • indicate left, if you can, after you have passed the last exit before the one you want to get out at
  • you do not need to indicate when you are coming up to the roundabout if you are going straight ahead

Roundabout Rules WA Police Video


The main advantages of having roundabouts are that they:

  • reduce the speed of approaching traffic
  • reduce the chance of car accidents
  • reduce the severity of car accidents

Some Information & History

In WA the traffic flows in a clockwise direction and pedestrians are directed to cross the road well away from any roundabouts. History however has the use of circular junctions, such as the 1922 Thomas Circle in Washington DC, being a place for pedestrians to walk about, circulate and rest. Circular junctions have been around since 1768 with the creation of the Bath Circus in the UK, but the modern roundabout was not created until the 1960’s.

1966 saw the introduction of formal mandatory road rules for using roundabouts being introduced into Britain, but they were not introduced into America until the 1990’s and initially roundabouts caused driver confusion and were met with significant driver opposition.

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