Top Safety Tips When Driving Around Trucks?

Three Videos by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA)

Vintage Road Haulage are committed to safety on the roads, please watch…

Being conscious of the size and maneuverability of trucks will enable drivers of smaller vehicles to be safe around them. This three-part video series created by the Australian Trucking Association is an excellent and visual way to learn how to be totally safe on the road with trucks.

Don’t Cut in Front of Trucks

Don’t Overtake Turning Trucks

Keep Out of Truck Blind Spots

If you know someone who may need a reminder about their driving skills or attitude, please share this page or send them the Truckies Top Tips PDF (opens in new window).

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We can all share the road safely if we observe these tips. We believe that when drivers of both trucks and smaller vehicles are aware of what’s dangerous on the road, it’s a huge step toward reducing any incidents and accidents.

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