How To Save Water At Home?

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Easy Tips To Help You and Your Family To Save Water At Home

Reducing water usage in our homes is essential nowadays. Water is a valuable resource and conserving it should be a high priority in all households. There are multiple ways that a household can implement water saving activities such as:

Collecting And Reusing Greywater & Rainwater

It is easy and works out to be cost effective to collect both rain and greywater at your home. Rainwater can be collected simply by putting buckets or tarps outside when its raining, through to installing a rainwater collection tank which is connected to your home’s guttering.

Greywater is water that has already been used around the home, such as from a bath, shower or the washing machine and can be used instead of drinking water to water plants in your garden.

Simple ways to collect this is to redirect your washing machine hose into a bucket, scoop up your bath water in a bucket or use a bucket to collect your shower water while it is heating up before you get into the shower. These are effective but require ongoing effort which may not be possible for busy families, the elderly or the disabled.

Easier and more long term greywater solutions involve getting a licensed plumber to install a dedicated greywater treatment system or greywater diversion system which would handle all your needs automatically.

Use Water Efficient Appliances

When purchasing new appliances, be sure to pay attention to the WELS label. The National Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards scheme gives each water using appliance a star rating based upon the amount of water it uses. The more stars, the more water efficient the appliance is.

In the shower you could consider replacing your shower head with a more modern one which uses less water, but delivers a better shower experience.

Fix Leaking Taps

Leaking taps can be easily fixed by replacing a washer. This should be done immediately upon noticing a dripping tap as they can waste 20-300 litres of water per day!

If your tap still leaks after you have changed the washer or you have a bigger type of water leak, then it is more cost efficient to get a plumber in to fix the problem than to continue to pay extra for the water being wasted by the leak.

Reduce Water Usage

Cutting down the time you use water for in your home for can lead to significant savings both in water usage and money spent on your water bill.

Using a timer in the shower, rinsing dishes in a sink filled with water rather than under the tap and using a bucket to wash your car rather than a running hose are all easy ways to save water at home. You could also try using waterless car washing products or take your car to a car wash which recycles its water.

And don’t forget that Perth has set watering days for gardens which should be followed as a way to save water.

If you are wondering, find out the current levels of Perth dams.

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