What Different Types of Water are There?

by Perth Water Cartage Specialists – Vintage Road Haulage

There are many varieties of water and we cover the main ones here…

It can be confusing when you hear about the various kinds of water available so we decided to provide a resource page to help create a clearer understanding of one of Earth’s most precious resources. We supply and transport three types of water in bulk for various industries around Western Australia. These are demineralised, potable and raw water.

Artesian Water

Artesian Water is water that originates from underground, but unlike a flowing spring, the water is trapped underground between layers of rock and confined under positive pressure. This type of water is mostly obtained by using a well or a pipe which goes directly down to the source. Because artesian water flows directly through the pipe and not through the soil and rock layers like Spring Water, it does not gather any contaminants on its journey.

Deminineralised Water

Vintage Road Haulage supplies and transports a lot of this type of water. Demineralised water, also known as deionised water, is specially purified water that has had most or all of its mineral and salt ions removed, such as… read full overview (opens in new window).

Distilled Water

Distilled water is water which has undergone a purification process to remove any contaminants and natural minerals, through a process called distillation. This is a process which involves… read full overview (opens in new window).

Mineral Water

Mineral Water is water that originates from a spring, yet contains high levels of dissolved minerals. These minerals may be naturally present in or artificially added to the water in order to provide health benefits to people. Nowadays mineral water is usually bottled and transported around the world as most people don’t have the time to visit the source and collect the water themselves. Mineral water may also be carbonated, either by natural or artificial methods.

Potable Water

Vintage Road Haulage supplies and transports a lot of this type of water. Put simply, potable water is drinking water. Potable water has to be safe enough to be consumed by humans with a minimal risk of short-term or long-term harm. Typical uses include… read full overview (opens in new window).

Purified Water

Purified Water can come from any source, but has been mechanically filtered or cleaned to be safe to drink. Therefore purified water does not have any contaminants or chemicals in it. Purified water can be achieved through deionization, reverse osmosis, distillation or carbon filtration. The advantages of purified water are that harmful chemicals have been removed, but the disadvantages are that minerals which are beneficial use to humans have also been taken out.

Raw Water

Vintage Road Haulage supplies and transports a lot of this type of water. Raw water is water which has come straight from the environment and has not been treated or purified in any way. This includes… read full overview (opens in new window).

Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water, also known as carbonated water, is water which contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2). When CO2 is dissolved under pressure into water, a process which is called carbonation, the water becomes effervescent or bubbly. Carbonation may be naturally occurring, such as from the German mineral spring Selters, or it may have occurred artificially, such as in carbonated soft drinks or sodas.

Spring Water

Spring Water is water that originates from an underground spring. A spring is the point where the water flows out from under the ground and then continues to flow over the land to form streams and rivers. Spring water may or may not have been treated and purified. Much of the bottled water available today is labelled as spring water, sometimes claiming that the spring produces water which is of benefit to human health. However contaminates such as coliform, arsenic and phthalates have been found in tests carried out on some spring water so do your research and choose trusted suppliers.

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