What is ESC?

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ESC is short for Electronic Stability Control…

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a computerised technology which helps increase the stability of a vehicle by reducing its loss of traction. ESC is an automatic feature, meaning it is able to detect when the driver has lost some steering control and automatically applies the brakes to assist the driver with their steering. While ESC does not help a vehicle to corner, it can help prevent accidents by minimising the driver’s loss of control.

Research has shown that vehicles with ESC fitted are considerably less likely to be involved in single vehicle accidents. In Australia, single car crashes can be reduced by 25% and single 4WD crashes by 51% if the vehicle had ESC installed. Drivers with ESC installed in their cars are 28% less likely to be injured in single car crashes, while drivers involved in single 4WD crashes are 66% less likely to be injured if ESC was installed in their 4WD.

How does ESC work?

ESC uses sensors to detect when the vehicle is moving in a different direction to which the driver is steering. The brakes are then applied to the individual wheels where the oversteer or understeer is occurring, helping to prevent an accident caused by the drivers loss of control. ESC is especially effective in situations where a vehicle has made an emergency swerve, improving traction on icy or slippery roads after rain or even on gravel or unmade roads.

What does ESC do to prevent oversteer and understeer?

When a vehicle is oversteering, the front part of the vehicle tries to move outside of the curve it is going in. The ESC brakes the inside rear wheel to prevent the vehicle skidding. When a vehicle is understeering, the rear part of the vehicle moves outwards in a fishtail spin. The ESC brakes the outside front wheel to prevent skidding in this case.

Is ESC known by any other names?

Yes, depending on the area or country you live in, as well as the country where your vehicle is manufactured in, ESC may also be known as

  • electronic stability program
  • dynamic stability control
  • vehicle dynamic control
  • vehicle stability control or
  • electronic stabilisation program

Is ESC the same as ABS and Traction Control?

No, ABS and traction control are some of the components that make up the ESC program on a vehicle. ABS and traction control can only work in the direction the vehicle is traveling in, while ESC will also work in sideways movements or anywhere there is instability from the vehicle movements. Read more about ABS and brake rules for trucks.

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