What is Raw Water?

by Vintage Road Haulage, Perth WA

Learn what raw water is, common contaminants and how it is used…

Raw water is water which has come straight from the environment and has not been treated or purified in any way. This includes rainwater and water from streams, rivers and lakes.

Raw water is also known as natural water because it has had not been subjected to any treatment to ready it suitable for human consumption, nor have any minerals, ions, particles or living organisms been removed.

Raw water can be turned into safe drinking water at water treatment plants using a variety of methods including filtration, chemical treatment and desalination.

Where Is Raw Water Found?

Raw water can be found above ground in places such as in lakes and ponds or in streams, rivers or creeks, as well as in underground sources including wells, caves or underground streams.

What Are The Common Contaminants In Raw Water?

Depending on its source of origin, raw water can potentially contain multiple contaminants or impurities in varying quantities, due to the contact it has with the earth and the atmosphere. These can be in the form of dissolved or suspended gases and organic or mineral matter.

Raw water will usually contain humic acid, a complex acid created when plants decompose. This is one of the main ways water becomes discoloured.

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates are also commonly found in raw water. These make the water hard, one of the main causes of metal corrosion, deposits of lime scale and the inability to make lather with soap suds.

Raw water can also contain microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, including E coli. Because raw water has not been treated, it is considered unsafe for human consumption, unless it has been stringently tested.

Raw water can also contain salt, dissolved oxygen molecules and particles of clay and silt.

What Is Raw Water Used For?

Raw water can be used in farming, construction or cleaning purposes. Famers use it for watering their crops or giving it to stock to drink. It is often stored on farms in man-made lakes or reservoirs and can be stored for long periods of time.

It is also used in construction industries, such as making cement or for damping down unsealed roads to prevent dust rising.

Raw water can also be used for flushing toilets and washing cars, as well as any other purpose that does not require it to be consumed by humans.

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