Need for Highly Skilled Mine Workers to Increase

targeting skilled mine workers in waAs the Australian mining industry makes a shift towards more automation and technological solutions, the mining workforce is actually set to increase rather than decrease.

An Australian Government report predicts a rise of 7.4% by 2018, giving a total of 254,260 workers.

The big risk for workers though is falling behind in skills unless major retraining and up-skilling of resource sector employees occurs.

While employers play an important role in establishing a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce, universities and schools are being encouraged to play their part by introducing industry specific qualifications and boosting participation in math, technology and science based subjects.

With jobs in the mining sector having achieved the fastest growth rate within the past decade and iron ore being Australia’s largest export commodity, major investment has taken place within this industry.

Consequently more highly skilled mine workers are going to be required to fill high level mining specialist positions, as the industry moves away from low skilled jobs now being done via automation.

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