Possible Major Water Reservoir Deep In The Earth

underwater caveRingwoodite

Scientists have discovered that a small 3mm brown diamond found in Brazil actually contains ringwoodite, which is a mineral originally from the transition zone near the Earth’s mantle.

This transition zone is located between 410 and 660km below the Earth’s surface.

But what makes this particular mineral so special is that it is the first terrestrial find of its kind, with other samples only being found in meteorites.

Australian geologist Ted Ringwood, whom ringwoodite is named after, theorised its existence within the transition zone because of the high pressure and temperatures found there.

Oceans of Water?

Regards the brown diamond in which the ringwoodite was found, 1.5% of it contains water molecules, which for many scientists confirms their views that the transition zone may in fact be a water rich area. So full of water in fact, that it would equal all of the oceans put together.

However, geologist Hans Keppler from the University of Bayreuth Germany, has cautioned others not to base their predictions of a vast ocean under the earth on one tiny finding and suggested that the water was most likely locked up in rock forms and not free flowing.

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