Are Self-Driving Cars the Future?

no hands in a self-driving carImagine being able to eat breakfast, read the newspaper and power up your laptop for a quick refresher of your day’s schedule, all from the driver’s seat of your car while driving to work? Unimaginable though it may seem, this scenario is about to become closer to reality due to the innovative movers and shakers of the car manufacturing industry.

Autonomous cars have been around for a little while, with Google having already fitted out several cars to drive themselves around Nevada and California.

Telsa Motors is set to produce one too within the next three years. However with an expected price range over one hundred thousand dollars, this driverless car will be out of reach for most of us.

Statistics show that about 40% of fatal accidents involve distraction, fatigue, alcohol or drugs. Read more about Perth road accident stats. With robot computer cars not falling prey to human choices and behaviours, the potential to reduce the fatal road toll by 40% using driverless cars is being named as one way of improving safety on our roads.

To read more about how cars of the future may be able to improve our roads, click self-driving cars (will open new window).

Watch Google’s Driverless Car

The Mercedes-Benz S 500 Autonomous Self-Driving Car

Vintage Road Haulage

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