Toyota & Terrafugia – Flying Cars – True Story

Henry Ford built the first flying car called the Flivver in the 1920’s, but stopped the project when a test pilot was killed. Today however, there are two companies who are getting closer to developing flying cars suitable for commercial production – Toyota and Terrafugia.

terrafugia flying carSource: Terrafugia


While major car manufacturer Toyota has not yet built a flying car prototype, they are currently discussing the idea of a car that hovers just above the road it is ‘driving’ on. With the aim of reducing friction, the theory of this flying car has a few issues including the questions of how it would brake without tyres on the road and what would happen to it in heavy winds?


Terrafugia have gone a step further than Toyota and actually built a flying car, or as they like to call it, a “roadable aircraft.” With a predicted price tag of $300,000 and 2015-16 as the target dates to begin commercial sales, both the time and the meeting of car and airplane safety regulations will tell if vehicles like this will become future features in the driveways of our neighbourhoods.

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Other interesting innovations on the horizon include self driving cars, electric roads and intelligent transport systems.