Trucking Australia 2014 To Promote Health

trucking australia 2014 to promote healthier lifestylesThe health and well-being of truckies will be the main focus of attention at Trucking Australia 2014. Held on Hamilton Island on the 5th and 6th of June, keynote speaker Andrew Niven will present his ideas on how to improve the health of individuals in the trucking industry, as well as help mediate a discussion forum around this issue.

Niven, the Group Manager for Safety and Sustainability for Linfox Asia-Pacific, is focused on creating positive outcomes in health within the trucking industry. He is promoting healthy lifestyles, a supportive environment for mental health issues and early recognition and intervention for those with serious illnesses.

The discussion forum led by Niven will allow delegates the opportunity to share their ideas on health promotion, as well as how to make trucking an industry of choice. This will mean that businesses can share strategies that are working well with other businesses and get feedback on how they could improve their own business.

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This focus on the health and well-being of Australia’s truck drivers is very welcome. Driving can be a tough job and we believe it’s important to exercise and keep a level of fitness. Healthy drivers are more alert which means more safety on our roads.