WA Roads Get $2.4b Commitment From Abbott Government

outback wa roadTwo major WA highways are on the receiving end of a $2.4b cash injection from the Abbott Government earmarked for WA roads.

The Great Northern Highway will receive $308 million and the North West Costal Highway gets $174 million. Both Highways are currently well known for the wrong reasons – narrow roads and bridges, together with poor areas for overtaking – mean an upgrade was well overdue.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott acknowledged that the funding boost will help alleviate any slowdown within WA from the resources sector, as well as being essential to the WA economy. But with the axing of the Regional Infrastructure Fund, paid for by mining tax, funding for these projects was hanging in jeopardy until the favourable decision was announced.

The Perth Gateway project and the Swan Valley Bypass are also recipients of a $615 million cash injection to complete these projects.

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