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perth freight link plan

Perth Freight Link Planned For Heavy Vehicles

Perth is possibly set to receive a new freight link, to connect Fremantle Port with Perth Airport, which will reduce the current driving time by 16 minutes. With the widening of roads, removal of traffic lights and the extension to existing highways, the new link is set to remove 65,000 […]

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old truck tyre wa outback

Tips for Truck Tyres in WA Outback

Driving in the WA outback can be extremely tough on truck tyres. That’s why it’s important for both the driver and the truck owner to be vigilant in keeping a close watch on what is happening to the tyres. Todd Lupton, who manages two road trains that makes regular long […]

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light rail

Perth Light Rail Project In Spotlight Again

Perth looks set to get its delayed light rail project pushed forward according to new Transport Minister Dean Nalder. Mr Nadler says that he is investigating splitting the project into two parts to make it more manageable and financially achievable. He would do this by focusing on completing the north-south […]

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tired dog

Fatigue Management Device For Truck Drivers

Trimble Transport and Logistics has developed a device that when fixed inside a vehicle, will help truck companies and truck drivers comply with the heavy vehicle fatigue management laws. It is fixed up on the dashboard area in the cab and will tell drivers when they need to take a […]

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overloaded car

Reduce Debris on WA Roads with Safe Load Restraints

Every driver in WA is responsible for ensuring that their load is secure and that they use an appropriate vehicle and restraint equipment suitable for the load they are carrying. This is to prevent accidents, damage and fatalities caused by falling debris from unsecured loads. Incident Response Service Each year […]

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calculate tax

NTC Says System Will Overtax Trucks & Buses by $232 million in 2014-15

The past seven years have seen the trucking industry has been paying too much in tax, according to the Chair of the Australian Trucking Association, Noelene Watson. She says that this has occurred since 2007 because the government charging system has underestimated the number of trucks & buses on Australia’s […]

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AEC government road train on first trip to Alice Springs in 1934

1934 AEC Road Train – Australia’s First Road Train

Australia’s first road train is going to be on display in Melbourne at the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show this year. It’s usually on display at the Alice Springs Transport Museum. Image source: National Road Transport Hall of Fame website Built in 1934 during a depressed economy still recovering […]

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stop sign

Auxiliary Brakes Report for Heavy Vehicles Highlights Improvements

State and Federal road authorities recently commissioned Austroads to compile a report on auxiliary brakes for heavy vehicles in Australia. It was commissioned due to the high number of noise complaints from communities about engine braking, as well as several instances of runaway trucks on steep graded roads. The auxiliary […]

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best truck driver 2014

2014 Competition for Best Truck Driver & Bus Driver in Australia

Global heavy vehicle manufacturer Scania is searching Australia for the fourth time to find the best truck and bus drivers. Awarding a $10,000 prize to the winner of each category, Scania are actively encouraging drivers to enter their competition and expects to receive around 85,000 entries from over 40 countries. […]

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port hedland in the pilbara

Will Port Hedland & Karratha Become Pilbara Cities?

Pilbara Cities, the brainchild of former WA Nationals leader Brendon Grylls, is home to the growing mining towns of Port Hedland and Karratha. The Australian government’s goal is to make these two mining towns into successful and viable cities by 2035, but will they achieve this? While the populations of […]

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