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underwater cave

Possible Major Water Reservoir Deep In The Earth

Ringwoodite Scientists have discovered that a small 3mm brown diamond found in Brazil actually contains ringwoodite, which is a mineral originally from the transition zone near the Earth’s mantle. This transition zone is located between 410 and 660km below the Earth’s surface. But what makes this particular mineral so special […]

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buy a bale for drought stricken farmers in australia

How To Help Australian Farmers In The Drought

Hardship As drought conditions maintain their regular occurrence in Australia, so does hardship continue to play a major role in the lives of many farmers and their families. But there is a new program that is trying to help make life easier for those struggling in these dry conditions. Buy […]

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dangerous goods transport

Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations To Change in NSW

From 1 July 2014 in NSW, all newly manufactured dangerous goods vehicles must have electronic stability control (ESC) installed, or they will be banned from its roads. This amended regulation will apply to all semi-trailers, dog trailers, B-double trailers and tank trailers greater than 4.5 tonnes. A 2011 coronial report […]

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trucking australia 2014 to promote healthier lifestyles

Trucking Australia 2014 To Promote Health

The health and well-being of truckies will be the main focus of attention at Trucking Australia 2014. Held on Hamilton Island on the 5th and 6th of June, keynote speaker Andrew Niven will present his ideas on how to improve the health of individuals in the trucking industry, as well […]

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london taxi perth

Perth To Get More London Taxis On Our Roads

Perth is set to have a total of 100 beautiful white London Taxis gracing our roads by April this year. Imported from China, the Geely Group vehicles arrived at Fremantle Wharf in September last year. Getting all these cabs onto the metropolitan streets of Perth has taken longer than expected […]

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water supplies in australia at risk with drought etc

Water Supplies in Australia at Risk

Water supplies in Australia are already scarce, with some areas relying heavily on water from only one or two sources. A recent study at the University of NSW has shown that our drinking water supplies are highly vulnerable to circumstances of extreme weather. While a single weather related event such […]

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vintage car rally kalgoorlie 2014

Kalgoorlie-Boulder to Hold Vintage Car Rally 2014

If you are a vintage car enthusiast or vintage car rally fan, then mark Sunday 19th to Friday 24th October on your calendar. It’s the date of the 2014 National Veteran Rally and this year it is traveling to Kalgoorlie Boulder in West Australia. With more than 100 vintage cars […]

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p-plate drivers

P-Plate Drivers Thirty Times More Likely To Crash

Probationary drivers are new drivers, so it makes sense that they are more likely to crash. In fact once a P-plate driver takes their first solo drive, they are now 30 times more likely to crash and 3 times more likely to be injured or killed than very experienced drivers. […]

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wheat biomass for bio-crude oil

Bio-Crude Oil Could Cut Fuel Emissions By 80%

Australian based company Licella is now able to convert biomass (renewable woody waste materials) into bio-crude oil which can then be refined into various types of fuels. Aviation fuels included. Other businesses are about to do the same because after 6 years of research and development, Licella’s smart technology is […]

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australian 50 dollar notes

If You Had $40 Million, Would You Give It All Away?

Calgary man Tom Crist won 40 million dollars in a lottery, yet his lifestyle is set to remain the same. Why? Because he is donating the entire amount to cancer based charities. Tom’s Story Tom, whose wife died of cancer at age 57, has placed all his winnings into a […]

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